Lines We Represent

Climate Control Solutions for Control Panels and Electrical Enclosures.  Fan Filters, Exhaust Filters, Thermostats, Hydrostats, Thermoelectric Cooling Units, Heaters and Fans.


High-performance LED lighting solutions with unrivaled durability, exceptional light quality and best-in-class efficiency for rough service and spec-grade applications.


Interconnect and power products used by OEM's worldwide.  IEC & NEMA connectors, EMI/RFI Filters, Harsh Environment Pin Connectors, Battery Holders, Domestic & International Power Cords. 


Specialized electronic components.  Audio buzzers, microphones and speakers. Interconnect connectors, jacks and plugs.  Leaver Switches, push-button, slider and toggle.  IOT Power Supplies, wireless coil charger and Yagi Antenna.


Ultra-Smart Lithium-Ion Battery Technology.  Customized battery packs for all applications, Smart Battery Management System, Parallel Redundant Lithium Battery Packs, highest safety standards including IEC62133, UN38 & UL2054


Complete line of  standard and custom temperature sensors. Products include PTC and NTC Thermistors, RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors), Thermistor Probe Assemblies and RTD Probe Assemblies.


Circuit breakers and power management solutions.  Circuit protection devices, relays and solid state remote power controllers, power management, power distribution and battery isolation switches.

Short and Large Productions of Flexible Circuits. Flex PCB, Rigid Flexible Circuits, Printed Circuit Boards, Flat Flexible Cables and Flexible Heaters.

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Innovative human-machine interface (HMI) products.  

Membrane Switches, Force Sensing Resistors, Elastomeric Keypads, Graphic Overlays, Labels and Decals.


Leading manufacturer of hand tools for professional use.  Insulated Tools, electrostatic discharge, slim technology tooling, all with the highest quality on the market today