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Ariel Technology Inc. is an undisputed leader in the manufacturing of high-quality climate control systems solutions such as Control panel Thermostats, Hygrostats, Exhaust Filters, Fan Filters, Thermoelectric Cooling Units, Heaters, Roof Fans, Axial Fans and Air Conditioning units and all related accessories. Designed from the ground up by a team of talented engineers with vast climate control solutions design experience and enthusiasm.   Ariel Technology Inc. is a leading manufacturer of climate control solutions for Control Panels and Electrical Enclosures.

Mechanical Thermostats


The TTEC series are thermostat controllers used to regulate the temperature inside industrial control panels or cabinets and control cabinet accessories. The TTEC series control fans, heaters, and switch loads. TTEC-100 and TTEC-200 are identical except the TTEC-100 (Red) is Normally Closed which opens at temperature rise, and turns the Heater off, the TTEC-200 (Blue) is Normally Open which closes at temperature rise, and turns the Fan/Fan Filter on.   CSA and CSAus Listed, UL and cUL Recognized, CE Compliant

Humidity Control Mechanical Hydrostat 


The HYTEC-100 is designed to control the relative humidity inside of enclosures and electrical panels. The HYTEC-100 starts the heater in order to avoid formation of condensation in enclosures. Designed to protect electronic circuits, preventing the absorption of moisture by electrical and electronic components inside of the enclosure.  CSA and CSAus Listed,  UL and cUL Recognized, CE Compliant

Fan Filters and Exhaust Filters

FTEC series Fan Filter and Exhaust Filter are designed to supply forced convection filtered air for enclosures and electrical panels.   By using the unique filtering and cooling features, FTEC will cool down the inside of enclosures to a desired temperature to protect the electrical and electronic parts against heat.

UL and cUL Listed, CSA and CSAus Listed, CE Compliant


Thermoelectric Cooling Units

Electro Therm Coolling unit.png

Thermoelectric Cooling Units are used for the most demanding industries such as industrial and electronic enclosures, medical equipment, laboratory instruments, aerospace, semiconductors & telecommunications equipment. Uses range from simple food and beverage coolers for an afternoon picnic to extremely sophisticated temperature control systems in missiles and space vehicles. A thermoelectric cooling unit permits the lowering of the temperature of an object below ambient temperature as well as stabilizing the temperature of objects above ambient temperature. A thermoelectric cooler is different from a heat sink because it provides active cooling, unlike a heat sink, which provides only passive cooling.  CE Compliant


Heater provides protection from condensation and low temperatures in Control Panels, Electronic Enclosures, Hydraulic and Pneumatic machinery.  Safe, Reliable and consistent heat for long periods by means of PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heater.  Highly efficient and low profile.  UL and cUL Recognized, CE Compliant

  • Connects easily with push connectors for 3 wires. From AWG 20 to AWG 16 (0.5 – 2.5 mm²).

  • Built in safety feature prevents overheating  / Black anodized aluminum housing

  • Used with Normally Closed Thermostat and Hygrostat

  • Mounts easily on 35 mm DIN Rail EN 50 022

  • Available in 35 Watt to 150 Watt


Axial Fans

Axial Fan.png

FANTEC series Axial Fans are designed to supply forced convection air to enclosures and electrical panels. By using the unique cooling features, FANTECs will cool down the inside of enclosures to a desired temperature to protect the electrical and electronic parts against heat.  UL and cUL Recognized, CE Compliant.  Wide range of operating temperatures from  -20 C/68 F to 70 C/158 F  Fans are available in 115 and 230 VAC and  12, 24, and 48 VDC  Airflow from 40 to 1200 m3/hr  /  Thermally or Impedance Protected  /  50,000 hrs life cycle  /  Aluminium Die Cast housing  /  Terminal Termination

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