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Sytek - Meet the experts in User Interface Solutions! Sytek Enterprises Inc is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative human-machine interface (HMI) products such as labels, membrane switches, force sensing resistors and much, much more.  Founded in 1982, Sytek Enterprises Inc. has become a major supplier of custom-made membrane switches, overlays, and labels to international electronics, medical, industrial, automotive, and commercial markets.​   

Sytek offers unrivalled levels of integration, enabling customers to add value and reduce costs in their supply chain and get to market quicker. Pick and mix your chosen combination of analogue and digital sensors, illumination schemes, graphic overlays, IML/D, and even haptics. ​

Membrane Switches

  • Anti-glare and deadfront windows

  • A wide variety of connection options (housings, PCB direct, etc)

  • 3M mounting adhesives

  • Rigid mounting layers such as laser-cut polycarbonate

As an ISO 9001:2015 registered company dedicated to producing the highest quality products and satisfying all of our customers needs. We can create full turn-key solutions for you, from detailed engineered designs, to rapid prototyping and mass production. Our in-house manufacturing plant boasts top level manufacturing and testing equipment and we hold an extensive range of materials in stock to ensure reliable delivery schedules.We are experts at designing and manufacturing membrane switches and can add to your product features such as:

  • Tactile response with embossing and metal domes   

  • Surface mounted elements such as LEDs

  • Detailed graphic overlays

  • Water-resistant NEMA4 designs

  • Chemical and scratch resistant coatings

Force Sensing Resistors

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The force-sensing resistor is an evolution of the membrane switch using similar design principles and related manufacturing techniques.  Sytek offers standard and custom designed Force Sensing Resistors.  In 2014, Sytek created a new division called Tangio Printed Electronics, to focus on the research and development of innovative printed electronics.  Developing a custom resistive force sensor with Tangio starts with a discovery phase where our engineers will discuss the desired user experience and your mechanical and electrical requirements. We provide expert advice not only on the sensor design but also on the sensor integration into your product, to ensure consistent and repeatable results. 

Elastomeric Keypads


Elastomeric keypads provide a unique tactile response and are built to withstand the toughest environments.  They take advantage of the natural properties of silicon rubber in order to deliver a very durable and reliable human-machine interface. Silicon rubber is a natural light diffuser and therefore keys can be easily backlit using LEDs. Silicon rubber also has good sealing properties so that the elastomeric keypad can double as a seal when it is matched up with a suitable mechanical closing method.

Graphic Overlays


Graphic Overlays are normally associated with the top layer of membrane switches, however they can be used on any product that requires.  A decorative overlay that improves the visual impact of the product, including the addition of logos and product-specific branding - OR - A functional overlay that guides users on how to interact with the product and where to press/touch to active the functional elements beneath the overlay (such as switches, buttons, etc).  Let us help you create a stunning and effective graphic overlay that highlights the features and functionality of your products.

Labels and Decals


Industrial quality labels and decals must be printed on the correct substrate and with appropriate inks to ensure durability in the harshest environments. We stock a diverse range of polyester, vinyl and polycarbonate substrates that can be matched to your requirements for virtually any type of label or decal.  Many of our customers make products that require labels and decals that carry approved standard logos such as UL and CSA. Sytek Enterprises is certified by both UL and CSA to manufacture labels and decals carrying their respective logos.

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